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Johny Live - Bangkok Hairdresser to the Elite...

Apart from Johny’s International clientelle from 'London, Paris and New York' Johny Live is also hairdresser to the Prime Minister's family and the 'Thai Elite'. In fact, rarely a week goes by when Johny’s hairstyles do not appear in 'Hello' or 'OK' magazines!!!

In the past Johny has given consultations to 'Meryl Streep', 'Nicole Kidman' and 'Angelina Jolie'. In London, Johny was responsible for many rocker's wives and players from bands such as Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Shane MacGowan!! Actually Johny can name drop till the sun comes down.

"Sadly I'm not getting the rockers in Thailand, I'm having to make do with movie people :) - Charles Salmon worked on the 2 Paul Mcartney movies and Juno amongst others. Thats the nearest I get to Rock 'n' Roll !

His highly stylish studio is in the centre of Bangkok and is designed for 1 - 2 clients at a time. Johny prefers to perform solo he does all his own work, especially when it comes to colouring and cutting ”Why should someone else have all the fun?”. Click on the Studio Link for pictures and further details.

Enjoy the website and should you need any additional information about Johny's services, then drop him a mail at info@johnylive.com.

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